Generate interest in new discoveries and spark debate through seminars, guest lectures and exhibitions.

We organize a range of events including guest lectures, seminars, exhibitions and panel discussions on new discoveries and cutting-edge research. We invite scientists, researchers, academicians and practitioners to share their knowledge for teachers and students. In addition, we partner with world-class institutions to bring their exhibits, resources and study materials to India.

Our goal is to give teachers and students the opportunity to interact with experts and to learn more about a particular topic or subject. Through these events, we are also building a community of educators who are passionate about promoting learning which sensitizes young peope to the needs and demands of the real world.

Our events are free of cost and open to all interested teachers and students. We welcome collaborations and partnerships with schools and education-focused NGOs that wish to host an event with us.


Visit knowledge centers of global repute, interact with experts and take part in experiments.

We design customized study tours in collaboration with the world’s most advanced and specialized teaching, research and training facilities. During these tours, students have the opportunity to meet eminent scientists and thinkers, access world-class facilities, participate in experiments or demonstrations and learn about a subject in depth.

All of our study tours are exclusive and certified thereby, ensuring that students get a unique, high-quality and unparalleled experience.

Before the tour, we share detailed study materials with students to help prepare them for the tour and optimize their learning. On their return, students work on small projects in order to solidify their learnings and to share their experiences with a larger community of students interested in this discipline.


Break down complex ideas and theories through fun, hands-on activities and learning tools.

We bring in leading experts to conduct workshops on complex theories and ideas. These workshops combine hands-on teaching tools and methods to make learning fun and interesting for students.

Some of our workshops include:

  1. Masterclass on data analysis
  2. Virtual Tour of the CMS experiment at CERN
  3. Cloud Chamber experiment



Encourage talent through scholarships and prizes.

We organize free national-level competitions and quizzes to engage students from different parts of the country. The questions are specially designed to ensure that students find their own answers and in the process, deepen their understanding of a particular topic.

We welcome participation from all age groups and academic disciplines. Prizes include sponsored trips to specialized research facilities and workshops in order create awareness and exposure to new academic and career choices.


Particle Physics Quiz, 2015.

"It feels great to win the quiz and the sponsored visit to CERN! This is a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the most advanced laboratories and meet the greatest minds on Earth. As an Electronic Engineer, I am interested in interdisciplinary research and the visit will allow me to learn about advanced research as well as its application in the field of Physics, Electronics and Computer Science."

Student, NIT Goa