The SCI-ART initiative is a multidisciplinary approach to engage young students in scientific enquiry through hands on experiments which combine science and art

Led by scientists and artists across the globe, SCI ART includes exhibitions, in-school workshops and events as well as collaborative projects to help students think creatively about the direct relevance of art and science to their lives.

Budding scientists also have a unique opportunity to come up with an original SCIART experiment idea and develop their own SCIART manual under the mentorship of a scientist at CERN. All co-created booklets will be added to the SCIART series with the school logo and teacher and student profiles. These booklets will then be circulated to other schools in our network.

Consult with scientists, get mentored to refine your experiment and solve challenges along the way.

Design a fun and unique experiment combining different art forms and your favourite scientific theories.

Publish your own SCIART booklet to share your artwork and experiment with students around the globe.

How it works



You can download a free copy of the SCIART booklets from our Resources page or ask us how you can build your own in collaboration with a scientist.


Unique Opportunity for you

1. Design and publish your own art-science experiment
2. Breakdown complex theories into fun and simple activities
3. Collaborate with eminent scientists and artists

Dr. Michael Hoch

Founder of ArT@CMS

SCIART is an initiative of art@CMS, the outreach and education function of the CMS experiment at CERN. Founded by scientist, photographer and artist, Dr. Michael Hoch, art@CMS is an engagement program generating an interdisciplinary dialogue between the science community and artists, art institutions as well as educators, students and the general public

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