The Teacher’s Fellowship is designed to provide opportunities for professional development, mentorship and recognition to high school teachers of Physics.

As a part of the fellowship, you will collaborate with a senior scientist from CERN to develop a pioneering curriculum on modern scientific research and findings. This curriculum will be implemented in schools across South Asia.

In this 3-6 month long fellowship, teachers will work on a teaching module which will include study guides, experiments, assessments and projects on new science.

Develop New

Access to
Teaching Resources

Work with Senior

Join a Global Network
of Educators

Fellows 2017

Who can Apply

  1. Open to high school science teachers across India
  2. A regular postgraduate degree or professional degree
  3. Minimum of 8-10 years of teaching experience
  4. Understanding of science curriculum, assessment and lesson planning
  5. Proficiency in English
  6. Experience in organising extra-curricular activities in modern science

Benifits to Teachers

  1. Deepen your own understanding of Modern Science and its applications
  2. Get mentored by senior scientists and academicians from global institutions
  3. Get national recognition for pioneering new teaching content and methodology

Please contact us for more details about the application and selection process.



Vinita Sharat

STEM Coordinator, Shiv Nadar School

Niharika Kulshrestha

Physics Teacher, Scindia School

Pallab Roygupta

Physics Teacher and Science Communicator


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