Online Contests - Summer Series

A series of online contests with exciting prizes, uploaded regularly on our Instagram and Facebook page. Registrations open to all participants.

March - August, 2020


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LHC Quiz

Participants answered a series of interesting questions on the design, science and engineering of the world’s largest and most complex experiment.


SDG Challenge

Students, teachcers and professionals were invited to brainstorm on tech innovations or applications that target one SDG goal for India. 


Participate in our competitions and you could win a full scholarship for a workshop at prestigious organisations such as CERN, NASA, MIT and Google.

Designed by a panel of senior scientists and subject experts, our competitions are open to anybody in India with a passion for Science and Technology.

Have an awesome idea for solving a big problem? Excited about researching a topic in depth? Want to show off your mastery of modern Science and its applications?

2016 | 100 Big Ideas

2016 | LHC Quiz


You can also take part in our on-going flash competitions to win exciting goodies. Follow us on Facebook to participate in the next one!

“It feels great to win the quiz and a scholarship! This is a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the most advanced laboratories and meet the greatest minds on Earth. As an Electronic Engineer, I am interested in interdisciplinary research and the visit will allow me to learn about advanced research as well as its application in the field of Physics, Electronics and Computer Science.”

Sarvaswa Tandon (NIT Goa)

Winner, LHC Quiz 2015

As a young researcher, to be amongst the best and the brightest, is a dream come true. I got the rare opportunity to visit advanced research facilities that are finding answers to some of the most intriguing questions about the fundamental structure of the universe. What an awesome adventure it was!

Thank you, Life Lab Foundation, for supporting my idea for the 100 Big Ideas quiz. Keep up the good work of motivating young minds to find innovative solutions to challenging problems!




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