Although there are thousands of universities which offer courses in Science and Humanities, there have been no major inventions, ideas or scientific breakthroughs in India in the last 70 years. Our curriculum, pedagogy and assessment methods reward rote learning rather than exploration, application and synthesis.

Educational institutions in India are increasingly looking at global centres of excellence to imbibe their knowledge and best practices. Life Lab aims to lead this movement by creating new learning and awareness opportunities for students and teachers.


Our mission is to expand the world of ideas that students can experiment with. We inspire young minds and fuel their curiosity by bringing them closer to path breaking discoveries, globally renowned experts and advanced research and training facilities.

Built in collaboration with top-ranking institutions, our programs focus on specialized topics in the Sciences and Humanities and involve a range of learning methods including field visits, hands on learning and creative projects.


Our philosophy is simple: all young minds can be engaged in the process of learning when stimulated by novel and challenging ideas.

Through events and exhibitions, study tours, specialized workshops and competitions, we introduce students to a host of new ideas and encourage them to explore their passion and interests.

Key element of our program design include:
Relevance – introduce new knowledge and skills with an emphasis on real-world application
Innovation – new learning methods such as enquiry, design thinking, gamification, and jigsaw learning
Exposure – exclusive partnerships and access to prestigious global institutions
Expertise – in-house panel of subject experts, child psychologists and teachers