We are a non-profit that connects students and teachers with the world’s leading scientific organisations.

We inspire young minds and fuel their curiosity by connecting them to globally renowned experts, path breaking discoveries and advanced research and training facilities.

Through special training visits, public events, competitions and specialised workshops, we enable access to global experts and cutting edge science.
Year 2018 CERN Visit


International Training Programmes

We select students and teachers to visit research facilities, learn from international experts and understand the technology and engineering at live experiment sites. This knowledge is shared with other students and teachers in their communities through free events, exhibitions and workshops, supported by Life Lab Foundation.

National Outreach and Education

We bring back resources from our international partners and collaborate with local schools and colleges to educate students about modern scientific research and its applications in the real world. Open to students from all walks of life, our programmes integrate hands-on science, creativity, technology and engineering.

Our philosophy

Our programmes are designed to expose young people to the joy of scientific inquiry, inspire new perspectives on the world around them, and further their interest in STEM subjects and associated careers, while preparing them for the new revolution in science and technology. We work closely with a team of global experts, scientists and academicians to design programmes which not only challenge students, but also enable them to discover the magic of science by doing, observing,and solving problems in a scientific way.
Year 2018 AMS visit

Our Team

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